Maze Crusher

Work in Progress...

This project is in development and not released yet, thus this subpage is underlying frequent updates and changes.

About the game

Maze Crusher is a game originating from Ludum Dare 42 Game Jam.

You are Kurisou, the little dragon :) - trapped in a huge and creepy maze. You need to find a way out of the maze as fast as you can. You have a limited amount of time to get out. The quicker you are, the more score you get.

Sounds simple so far huh?
Of course there is more! Depending on the maze you play, there will be traps, portals and other stuff. You might need to activate triggers in different parts of the maze to open doors and you will encounter enemies all over the maze.

If an enemy gets too near you will attack him which destroys a part of the maze. Unfortunately Kurisou is a young and shy dragon unable to fly so you cant get over destroyed walls! Beware! Do not destroy and block your last way out!

There are further two multiplayer modes available:

  1. Time-Versus
    In Time-Versus both players will play the same maze with same enemy waves spawning automatically over time at the same locations. So both will have the exact same game. Winner is, who get through the exit first.
  2. Attack-Mode
    In Attack-Mode you will both play the same maze again but this time you will have some gold to pay the god of maze (LUL). You can send enemies to your opponent (which costs gold - obviously) as well as cause other chaotic things to happen. Your gold income will increase over time.

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You can find our Ludum Dare Submission here