Fantasy Fight LIVE!





Summer 2019

Short introduction

Fantasy Fight LIVE! is a Twitch-Overlay-Game where viewers can challenge each other interactively while they are watching a stream.
This adds a new layer of interaction and viewer engagement to your stream.
Your viewers are not only passively watching or chatting but they are litterally part of the stream.

Nevermind. I'm hyped! Take me to the beta application form! (click)

How does it work?

FFL! is a one-on-one Rock-Paper-Scissors based game. Your viewers will be able to eighter join a randomized pool (system picks who will fight against whom) or challenge other viewers (coming in a future revision) who enabled the extension (One time Opt-In as we need the viewer name and also don't want to disturb users who don't want to play)

The duel is always Best-Of-[3/5/7] (streamer can set how many rounds per duel).

  1. Both viewers choose a hero
  2. Each round they need to tell their hero what to do (Melee, Ranged or Parry)
  3. Animation is played in stream
  4. Round winner is chosen by the system based on the RPS model (melee beats ranged, ranged beats parry and parry beats melee)
  5. Next round starts at point 2 if it is not yet clear who will win.

The players only have a limited amount of orders so they can not let the heros always do the same (for best of 5 this means 2x melee, 2x ranged and 2x parry available plus one of their hero's specialization). It will (later) be possible to use bits (configurable) to buy additional orders before the rounds start (opponent will be informed prior to duel so he can also buy one if he wants)

This is how it could look: Twitch Clip

Important setup notice

The game itself is a soiftware that needs to run in background on your streaming PC. It will be set up as a game capture source in OBS or whatever you use. It is transparent and acts exactly as an overlay like Tipeee or Streamlabs. Further you need to embed the "Firesplash Universal Game Canvas" extension int your stream as overlay, component or panel (Only overlay available during beta). This extension will have more features and game integrations in the future.

The Game Client on your PC will show the animations and take care of the duel flow. It connects to our server which communicates with your game client and your viewer's extensions. The extension is like a remote control app and will enable your viewers to control their hero.

Download & Get Started for free!

The Extension as well as the game are free. However every 30 minutes a chat message will appear, announcing a current project of Firesplash Entertainment. If you are a subscriber of FiresplashTV on twitch, the message will not be sent. We think this is a fair deal.

The game is currently in beta phase. Click here if you wat to join the beta.

As the above setup instructions might be a bit confusing for first-time-users,
click here to see how it works in a quick YouTube tutorial.